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Alpine Anglers – Wild Places: Wild Trout

The pristine water of the Bow River, a free stone alpine river, is the main fishery of the immediate area. 

Fly fishing experience on the lower Bow since 1978, and the upper Bow and southern Alberta streams since 1985, and a background in retail and customer service are combined, to create a memorable, ‘quality’ excursion. 

Our fishing season extends from late April to mid October, with late June, July, August and early September offering the best fishing, and the best weather. Not that good weather is really important for catching fish, in fact, some of our best fishing takes place on some truly lousy weather days. 

Alpine Anglers, owned and operated by Don Reilly, founding member, director, and past president of the Upper Bow Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada, a director of the Alberta Council of TU Chapters, is based in Banff and offers trips to all of the main trout streams and rivers in southern Alberta. 

Although there are never guarantees about the quantity of fish, really only a fish market can guarantee success, we do pledge to provide a first rate experience. Walk and wade, float and wade, and drift trips, tailored to the water body, are all available. 

Custom, multi-day trips can be arranged and are quoted as requested. 

Rates include transportation to and from your accommodations, and snacks and/or lunches. Flies of the day, tippet and leaders are supplied (in reasonable quantities). 

Pick-up at Calgary International Airport can also be arranged for immediate departure on your fishing trip.